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How to Start a Podcast: A Step-by-Step Guide

The podcast market may be more crowded today than it was even one year ago, but starting a podcast is still one of the best ways to build an audience and improve your reputation as an expert. A podcast can also become a valuable part of your body of work and eventually even a new income stream – and learning how to start a podcast is easier than it ever has been.

8 Foolproof Call-to-Action Examples (And Why They Work)

Call-to-action examples vary widely across the marketing verticals, but they’re always very deliberate, including on social media. That might run counter to your intuition: isn’t social media supposed to ephemeral, playful, and authentic?

How to Start a Newsletter: A Beginner’s Guide

When it comes to marketing your business online, there are a lot of avenues you can pursue. If you’re in search of maximum reach and the best results possible, you’ll want to explore as many of the top methods as you can. This includes learning how to start a newsletter.

How to Get Paid on YouTube (Without Relying on YouTube Ads)

The primary goal of your YouTube channel might be to develop a relationship with your brand’s audience, but wouldn’t it be nice to make a little money, too? After all, you put several hours of hard work into every video. But YouTube partnerships aren’t available to everyone, and only the largest channels earn significant money. So the question is, how to get paid on YouTube when you’re first starting out?

3 Free Ways to Add Click-to-Tweet Links to Your WordPress Blog for More Shares

Twitter now has over 330 million monthly active users, sending over 500 million tweets a day. This makes it an ideal platform to promote your content and reach a wider audience. One way to do this is to add Click-to-Tweet functionality to your WordPress website. By displaying highlighted tweetable sentences amongst your articles, you will encourage readers to share this content, helping to raise your profile on Twitter and gain new followers.

5 Social Listening Tools to Help You Understand Your Audience

We all hope that what people say to our faces is the same as what’s said when we’re not around. However, this isn’t always the case – especially when the ‘you’ in this scenario happens to be a business. This is why you should consider checking out some social listening tools.

4 YouTube Alternatives to Consider in Your Video Marketing Strategy

Between YouTube’s ever-changing algorithms and the sheer amount of competition, it’s become extremely difficult to establish a channel on YouTube. But video is the way of the future; by 2021, an estimated 82% of all internet traffic will be video. So what’s a brand to do? Publish videos with YouTube’s competitor sites, of course. In this article, we’ll explore the best YouTube alternatives and help you choose the right one for your brand.

3 Ways to Organize Your YouTube Brand Account to Improve the Viewer Experience

So, you’ve created a YouTube channel for your company, filled in all the essential details, and added some branding materials. You might have even uploaded your first video (or three). However, there are still a few ways you can optimize your YouTube brand account for maximum effect.

TubeBuddy for YouTube: How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy With It

YouTube can be one of the most powerful marketing tools in your online arsenal, but the sheer volume of content makes building a successful company channel a challenge. You need a coherent marketing strategy, high quality videos, and regular content and strategy audits to evaluate your progress and change course as necessary.

WordPress Social Login: How It Encourages Sign-Ups on Your Site and How to Use It

Password fatigue. It’s a thing. And if the recent GDPR overload in my inbox taught me anything, it’s that I’ve created a ridiculous number of accounts with different websites over the years, and I don’t remember even a quarter of the passwords for those accounts. Fortunately, you can save users like me from password fatigue, help them login faster (without having to reset their password every time!) and push customers through your checkout faster while at the same time reducing cart abandonment, all with one tool: social login, aka social sign-on.

5 Ways to Integrate Twitter With Your WordPress Website

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms, and for good reason. It enables users to instantly express their views to a vast audience, as well as tap into an expanding reservoir of resources and ideas. Because of this, it’s well worth learning how to integrate Twitter with WordPress.

Developing Your Social Media Brand Voice: A Beginner’s Guide

social media brand voice

About 83% of B2B businesses in North America use social media as a marketing tool. That’s a lot of ‘noise’ you’ll need to cut through if you want to make a lasting impression. To give yourself a fighting chance, it’s crucial to create a strong social media brand voice.

How to Make Infographics With Canva in 5 Simple Steps

how to make infographics with Canva

In this article we will cover why you should create infographics and the benefits of using Canva’s infographic maker. We will then discuss step-by-step instructions on how to make infographics with Canva and how to share them on social media.

How to Use UTM Tracking to Make Your Next Social Media Campaign a Winner

UTM tracking

How can we measure the exact impact of our social media marketing efforts in terms of traffic and conversion? How can we move beyond metrics like reach, comments, likes and shares and toward the meatier side of the business that ultimately leads to sales? There is an answer: UTM tracking.