As of May 31st 2023, AddThis alternatives have become all the more relevant. That’s because AddThis announced the discontinuation of their services leading to the disappearance of this popular plugin’s social sharing buttons from many websites. The AddThis dashboard and other features will no longer be available.

Fortunately, there are a number of AddThis alternatives you can switch to, to connect your website with your social media profiles. As always, what you pick will depend greatly on your budget, the social media platforms where you want to be prominent, and the degree of branding you desire. You’ll need to list out features that are important to you, such as button placement and customization options, data measurement and add-ons. Further, loading and displaying the buttons should not slow down your website.

📚 In this post, we’ll look at five solid AddThis alternatives that you can give a try.

Best AddThis alternatives of 2023

1. AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny Share Buttons is a simple to use, beginner-friendly lightweight plugin. It gives you total control to select and add social share buttons of your preferred social media networks to your post. By simply checking boxes, you can choose where you place them on your blog posts – top, bottom (or both), frontpage, excerpts, or custom post types.

⚙️ Features include:

  • High resolution, responsive and customizable share buttons, including image sharing and Follow buttons.
  • Connects to multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Threads, Pinterest, WhatsApp and WeChat.
  • Social sharing bars, both standard and floating.
  • Counters to display official share count.
  • Universal email sharing to share via Gmail, Yahoo and more.
  • Integration with Google Analytics to track audience behavior.
  • Multilingual, including Chinese, Spanish and Japanese.

AddToAny is fast-loading, optimized for WordPress and supports network, multisites, themes and WooCommerce. Also, it’s easy to edit the settings on the frontend.

💳 Price: Free, without needing to sign up, maintain an account or login.

2. Social Warfare

If you need a social sharing plugin that keeps count of shares, supports the major social platforms and offers neat sharing buttons that you can place in multiple locations on your website, try Social Warfare. It’s an SEO friendly, fast loading plugin with an easy-to-use interface.

Customizable settings in the frontend allow you to edit the style and layout of the social share buttons to blend seamlessly with your branding. You’ll be able to control how your headlines, content descriptions, hashtags and featured images are posted across 20+ social sharing platforms.

⚙️ Features include:

  • The plugin adds floating share buttons and is highly customizable providing over 5,000 style combinations.
  • Popular posts widget to highlight the most shared content, and Follow widget to increase follower count.
  • Analytics integration – it automatically creates Bitly links and sets up Event Tracking to see what works and identifies areas to improve.
  • Displays social share counts only when you hit a minimum number.
  • Share count recovery – so you don’t lose share count when you move sites or change domain name.
  • A content protection module to prevent users from changing the text in posts on social media.
  • Using shortcodes, you can place share buttons in multiple locations on your website.

If you’re a paying customer, this plugin also gives you fine grain control over how your content will look when shared. It helps to create evergreen tweets and custom link click-to-tweet on quotes for easy sharing by readers. You can use Twitter cards to display rich large image summary cards to prompt users to share a quote on Twitter. There is also a possibility to add Pinterest-specific images that show up only when shared to Pinterest.

💳 Price: Free plugin with basic functions. Pro version starts at $29 for one site going up to $349 for unlimited sites.

3. Otter Blocks

Strictly speaking, Otter is not a typical social sharing plugin. Nevertheless, it figures in this list of AddThis alternatives as it offers a social sharing block that extends the functionality of the built-in block editor in WordPress. With the social sharing block, visitors can share content across various social media platforms to increase social media presence.

Not only does Otter offer an additional 23+ blocks for Gutenberg, it allows you to customize each block (including third party blocks) using Custom CSS and animations. You can also style the different elements using the Patterns library and set conditions for display of each block. With a little imagination, these capabilities can be applied to the social sharing block to give a real boost to social sharing on your website.

⚙️ Features include:

  • Lets you add social sharing buttons to posts and pages. The social icons can be individually enabled or disabled from the tools bar and alignment can be adjusted.
  • Allows you to connect to many platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.
  • The specific customizations available for the social sharing block are displayed in the right sidebar.
  • Allows you to choose the style from predefined designs of the icons, and adjust the items gap and border radius.
  • Various button styles – pill shaped style with predefined colors, logos only style, and unique colors and flip cards.
  • The possibility to select colors for both text and background in the icons.
  • Offers 50+ animations (including Lottie animations) to add visual appeal.

💳 Price: While a free version is available for download, features like dynamic content and visibility condition options are Pro features. Plans start at Personal at $49/year and extend to Business at $99/year and Agency at $149/year.

4. Revive Old Posts

When your blog archive becomes heavy with great content, you don’t want readers to look up just the latest articles and move away. That’s where you’ll find Revive Old Posts handy. It takes posts that you’ve published before and shares them automatically to social media. Consequently, your website traffic increases, as does the number of views and follower count.

It allows you to set the frequency of sharing content on social media, or fix specific dates and times for automatically posting to social media. You can do this for both old and new content.

⚙️ Features include:

  • Enables auto posting fresh content to social media as soon as it’s created.
  • Lets you select categories and set filters for exclusion from sharing.
  • Shares pages, custom post types, as well as ecommerce products.
  • Updates posts’ published dates after sharing to social media.
  • Includes UTM tags in social media shares, so you know where the traffic is coming from to take target specific action.
  • Allows you to include link back to your site.
  • Integrates with Google Analytics and is compatible with URL shorteners.

💳 Price: Free version with basic features. Premium plans start at $88.5/year/site .

5. Shareaholic

Shareaholic is a blazing fast, versatile social sharing plugin that goes beyond merely sharing your content. Feature wise, it offers more than the other plugins in this list of AddThis alternatives. It stresses privacy and integrates with several hosting providers. What’s more, it comes with a bunch of associated engagement tools like Related Posts and Analytics to help you increase follower count, page views, repeat visits and sharing.

⚙️ Features Include:

  • 91+ social integrations for free, including WeChat and WhatsApp.
  • Both floating and in-content attractive share buttons, individual image sharing and follow buttons.
  • The possibility to change the size, layout, position, and alignment of your social sharing buttons.
  • Editing aspects like share counts, choice of social networks, and more for each location.
  • Advanced privacy controls and controls for Pinterest.
  • Control over display of share counts and share count recovery.
  • Shortcode placement and branded URL Shortener.
  • Analytics keyboard to understand audience behavior for targeted content.
  • Optional monetization options.
  • Support for WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr, Shopify and more.
  • Multiple themes and headline styles to go with your branding.

You can add social share buttons for all your marketing channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others, and customize their placement.

💳 Price: It’s free, but requires registration before you can start using it. Premium plans include Professional at $96/yr and Team at $375/yr.

Final words on AddThis alternatives 🏁

Social sharing is a great tool to build and improve your social media following. Many of these plugins automate the sharing process so your readers are always kept up to date with fresh content without much effort on your part.

Additional features like social login for site protection, restricting viewership to signed in users, and analytics integration make these AddThis alternatives all the more attractive.

Want even more social media tools to boost your online presence? Check out our guide to social media scheduling tools.

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