Grow your social communities

Designed for Twitter and Facebook

This plugin already integrates Twitter and Facebook, with company pages included. The next social network to add in the roadmap is Linkedin.

UTM links help you get noticed

Shared links, even the shortened ones, will credit you as the source of traffic. People will start noticing your help and engagement not only via mentions, but also in their Google Analytics.

Schedule and forget

At setup, you can choose different time intervals for each social network. This way, you’ll control the number of daily posts for Twitter and Facebook separately.

Curate and manage news feeds

By adding RSS feeds, you will build up a relevant stream of content. You can also mention the source to get immediate attention.

Templates with a human touch

Write text templates using your own tone of voice. Designing separate templates will keep your social media channels authentically human.

Grow your social communities by #givingforward

The sure way to win people's’ hearts is helping them out. With Revive Network your social influence and relationships will get stronger.

Posts like a human
Only relevant content sources

At setup, add the RSS feeds that you will be sharing from. The plugin checks them regularly and posts the links using the custom templates you created. Just like you would do.


With Revive Network you can post your own content. No more manual work, no more wasted traffic.

What does Revive Network do?

Revive Network increases your social media presence and your professional network by sharing content from other relevant websites on your social media accounts. The website owners will be able to see traffic coming from you in their Google Analytics, which will help build up your social relationships.

I want to buy both Revive Network and Revive Old Post. Can I get a discount?

Yes! After you bought one of the two plugins, the other one will be available at a special discounted price.

How is Revive Network different from Revive Old Post?

The two plugins are complementary. While Revive Old Post shares content from your WordPress site, Revive Network is designed to share articles and news from third party websites. In the same way you see traffic generated in Google Analytics by Revive Old Post, website owners will see traffic coming their way from your social accounts.

How many templates can I add to Revive Network?

There is no limit to the number of text templates you can create. Get creative and set up a few different ones to get your posts more engaging.

+Support For 1 Website
+Share Up To 20 Sources
+1 Social Account
+Edit UTM Tags
+Add New Template Share Messages
+Post With Featured Image
+12 Months Of Updates And Support
+Support for Unlimited websites
+Share Up To 150 Sources
+10 Social Accounts
+Edit UTM Tags
+Add New Template Share Messages
+Post With Featured Image
+12 Months Of Updates And Support