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Interested in making money with Revive Social?

It’s really easy. We will pay you a 55% commission on every sale you generate using your referral link.

Do you have a blog, website or popular social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and more? Then you’re all set to start earning with Revive Social, all you need to do is recommend it through your affiliate links and you will be credited for all the purchases made, our cookies have a 60 days lifespan.

Why Promote Revive Social ?

Revive Social consists of two unique and helpful WordPress plugins which every website should use. Here’s what they do.

Revive Old Posts is a plugin which automatically shares content from your website to social media accounts with one press of a button. That doesn’t sound so unique, does it?
Remember all those posts you’ve written months ago, or years ago? You’ve spent a lot of time working on them and now they’re just sitting there? This is no longer an issue, because Revive Old Post will automatically share them on social media, it gives you full control over what gets shared, when and what social media. Set it once and your job is done for the following years, it will even add tags automatically so you can see in Google Analytics how much traffic you were losing before.

Revive Network is our latest addition to Revive.Social family and it’s a complete game changer. If you own a website then you know what outreaching to other websites in your niche is like and that most people will completely ingore your messages. This is where Revive Network steps in, building relationships between you and other websites fully automatic. Now you can grow your network the easy way, Revive Network will take the latest posts of other websites in your niche, share them on your social media accounts and notify the websites owners through mentions.
Now when you will reach out to them, they will already know who you are and how you have been supporting them.

Revive Social is a perfect fit to anyone who owns a website, recommending it won’t be an issue. Here’s a breakdown of how much you will earn per sale:

  • Personal plan sells for $75 – you earn $41.25
  • Busines plan sells for $149– you earn $81.95
  • Marketer plan sells for $299 – you earn $164.45

Affiliates are our partners, and we want them to make money. Our affiliates are earning thousands per month and we will do our best to make sure you do to.

Ready to make money with Revive Social??

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