How to Find the Right Hashtags for Instagram and Increase Your Follower Count

by Author Image Joe Warnimont • updated:

You’ve invested in a nice camera, set up beautiful scenes that relate to your business, and put in some grassroots efforts for building your Instagram follower count. Yet, whenever you share a photo, it’s always the same people liking and commenting. You’ve heard that hashtags are meant to connect your company with interested, new followers, but even with those hashtags, you’re hitting the same plateau over and over. This situation is both common and frustrating, considering that Instagram should be one of the best places for any type of business to reach new customers. But for some reason, it’s a little tricky to figure out the right hashtags for Instagram.

How to Promote an eCommerce Store on Instagram and Boost Sales

by Author Image Megan Jones • updated:
promote an eCommerce store on Instagram

Image-based social media channel Instagram is the perfect place for eCommerce stores to market their products. However, there is no guarantee of success on any social media platform. So if you are looking to promote an eCommerce store on Instagram then you need to ensure you are using the right tools and strategies.

How to Craft an Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy

by Author Image Raelene Morey • updated:
Instagram Marketing Strategy

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is grab my phone off my bedside table and open Instagram. Like 800 million other active Instagram users, I love scrolling through my feed and seeing all the photos my friends, family, complete strangers, celebrities, influencers and even companies I follow have posted overnight. All those brands and celebrities clearly have to be doing something right … so here’s how to emulate them and build an effective Instagram marketing strategy of your own.

Instagram vs Snapchat: Which Platform Is a Better Fit for Your Brand?

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:
Instagram vs Snapchat

Understanding the differences between Instagram vs Snapchat is key to marketing effectively on both. Let’s discuss each app and how to target its users! These two social media sites are incredibly popular among young people today.

10+ Best Instagram Apps for Building Effective Marketing Campaigns

by Author Image Joe Warnimont • updated:
Best Instagram Apps for Building Effective Marketing Campaigns

Instagram marketing. What does it mean? For some, it’s posting funny videos. For others, it’s a provocative photo of a model in front of a mountain landscape. For most businesses, it’s a whole different story, and that’s why it’s important to find the best Instagram apps designed to help brands that aren’t Kardashians create successful campaigns.

How to Make the Best Instagram Bio for Your Business (With Real World Examples)

by Author Image Joe Warnimont • updated:
How to create the best Instagram bio for your business

It’s a tiny section at the top of the ever-expanding gallery of beautiful photos you have on Instagram. That’s what an Instagram bio is. They seem meaningless, or simply an area to quickly share information about your business. But Instagram bios are anything but that. The best Instagram bio for your brand is one that grabs immediate attention for drawing in new followers.

A Guide to Understanding Your Instagram Audience

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:
A guide to understanding your Instagram audience

Understanding your Instagram audience can help you focus your marketing strategy in a way that guarantees results. The more you know about your audience’s demographics, the greater your chance of success will be. Leveraging Instagram analytics and insights can help you refine and align your posts to your target audience to boost engagement.

How to Add Music on Instagram Stories and Boost Audience Engagement

by Author Image Raelene Morey • updated:
How to add music on Instagram Stories

Music can soothe a heartache, get a football team pumped for their next game, and even has the potential to help people recover their ability to speak after a stroke. When you consider the power music can hold over a person, learning how to add music on Instagram Stories is a no-brainer.

Should You Upgrade to an Instagram Business Account?

by Author Image Raelene Morey • updated:
Should you upgrade your Instagram account?

Trying to decide if you should upgrade to an Instagram business account? This guide will walk you through the pros and cons of each type of Instagram account so you can make the best decision for your business.

How to Post to Instagram from Mac and PC

by Author Image Raelene Morey • updated:
How to upload photos to Instagram from Mac or PC

Wondering how you can post to Instagram from Mac or PC? Instagram’s 1 billion active users make it more popular than social rivals Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. However, there’s always been one drawback — Instagram started as a mobile photo-sharing app and, to this day, the desktop version does not allow you to post to Instagram from Mac or PC.

5 New Instagram Features Brands Need to Know About

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:
New Instagram Features

Social media is an important part of any online marketing strategy. However, because popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are always evolving, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest trends and updates. New Instagram features are worth paying attention to, though.

The Best Instagram Questions to Ask to Boost Engagement on Your Brand Profile

by Author Image Raelene Morey • updated:

Instagram questions are powerful. They encourage the exchange of ideas, fuel creativity, and help promote a sense of community and belonging.

Instagram Insights: What They Are and How to Use Them

by Author Image Raelene Morey • updated:

Do you use Instagram Insights? Because when it comes to marketing on Instagram, data is your friend. Data helps business owners and marketers better understand how to be successful on the photo-sharing platform based on their specific audience.

Instagram Filters: Everything You Need to Know in This Ultimate Guide

by Author Image Raelene Morey • updated:

With more than 40 native Instagram filters to choose from, plus thousands more on third party apps, it can be challenging to figure out which one to use. Maybe you should try them all? Or skip filters altogether and avoid having to make a decision. If you’ve been struggling to use filters or just feel overwhelmed by all the options available, read on. We’ll cover everything you need to know about Instagram filters, including how to use them, what the most popular filters are, and Instagram filter best practices.

How to Use Instagram Highlights (and Where to Download Cover Images)

by Author Image Raelene Morey • updated:

Instagram is the go-to social media platform for brands right now. With more than 500 monthly active users and a higher engagement rate than its parent company Facebook, it’s no surprise that brands love Instagram. Plus, the platform continually rolls out new features, such as Instagram buying tools and IGTV. The most exciting new feature in recent months worth adding to your Instagram marketing strategy? Instagram highlights.

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