Social Media Marketing

TubeBuddy for YouTube: How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy With It

YouTube can be one of the most powerful marketing tools in your online arsenal, but the sheer volume of content makes building a successful company channel a challenge. You need a coherent marketing strategy, high quality videos, and regular content and strategy audits to evaluate your progress and change course as necessary.

How to Use a Social Media Scheduler to Streamline Your Marketing

Social media is a hugely valuable marketing platform. However, you need to stay constantly active if you want to build and leverage a strong following. This means planning out your content in advance, then using a social media scheduler to automate the posting process.

How to Schedule Tweets With Variations to Meet Twitter’s New Rules

If you want to continue to schedule tweets across multiple accounts while playing by Twitter’s new rules, it means getting into the habit of sharing variations of your tweets.

So in this post, I’ll share 7 simple ways you can schedule tweets with variations, along with examples of how brands are already using these methods to play it safe.

YouTube SEO: How to Drive Traffic to Your Videos

If you’ve put hard work into developing a YouTube channel for your website or business, you’ll want to bring in as many viewers as possible. Relying on people to simply stumble across your videos isn’t going to be enough. Instead, you’ll need to hone an effective YouTube SEO strategy.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel and Attract New Audiences

YouTube is a good place to build a following, but there are many more effective locations to do so, and they can even amplify your subscriber count on YouTube. In fact, one of the best ways to promote your YouTube channel and attract new audiences to your videos is by sharing them on other social media sites.

What Twitter’s New Rules Mean for Social Media Automation

Twitter has long been a go-to platform for spreading perfectly useful information via social media automation. But it’s also fallen prey to spammy bots and hashtags, fake profiles, bullying, and, alarmingly, malicious users trying to destabilize the democratic process in other countries.

How to Develop a Snapchat Marketing Strategy in 3 Steps

The popular social networking app Snapchat currently has about 200 million active monthly users. That’s a huge potential audience just waiting for you to target it with your marketing and content. However, in order to get the best results, you’ll need a clear Snapchat marketing strategy and some fundamental knowledge of the platform.

43 Ways to Effective Social Media Marketing Automation With Zapier

With more than 1000 apps and integrations available, Zapier is a social media marketing automation powerhouse, but it can be time-consuming sorting through zaps. Here, we look at the best zaps for the most popular social platforms.

5 Ways to Integrate Twitter With Your WordPress Website

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms, and for good reason. It enables users to instantly express their views to a vast audience, as well as tap into an expanding reservoir of resources and ideas. Because of this, it’s well worth learning how to integrate Twitter with WordPress.

How to Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy in 3 Steps

Twitter is a social media giant, with about 330 million active users every month. It’s also been around long enough to establish its own distinct audience and culture. Therefore, instead of approaching it like any other social media platform, you’ll want to develop a dedicated Twitter marketing strategy.

12 of the Best Social Media Podcasts to Follow if You Want to Stay Ahead of Trends

Improve your social media marketing with the 12 best social media podcasts available. Every podcast on this list will give you actionable tips for better social media performance. Stay on top of development in this rapidly changing industry.

How to Promote Your Videos and Get Subscribers for YouTube

So, you’ve created a YouTube channel, recorded some videos and uploaded them. But now what? How do you get people to watch your videos, and follow your channel? Well don’t worry, in this article, we will give you actionable strategies and step by step instructions on how to promote your videos and get subscribers on YouTube.

How to Make Videos for Social Media Without Looking Like an Amateur

Are you thinking about making videos for social media? Or have you already tried and realized how time-consuming these videos are?

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can make successful videos for social media with just a little bit of know-how.

5 Ways to Grow Your Network and Land Clients With LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is often overlooked in social media marketing. It’s considered a place of business – not for making things go viral, running contests, or sharing hilarious cat videos.

But LinkedIn marketing shouldn’t be ignored.