6 Free Podcast Hosting Services for Starting a Podcast Today

by Author Image Chris Fitzgerald • updated:
Free podcast hosting

The best time to start a podcast is now. Whether you want to start a company-branded podcast or you want to share your thoughts, free podcast hosting can be a good way to start.

Reddit Marketing: Rule the “Front Page of the Internet” (Beginner’s Guide)

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:
Reddit marketing guide

In theory, Reddit should be a marketer’s paradise, but the platform is a notoriously hard sell. If you’re having a tough time marketing on Reddit, you’re not alone. Don’t give up just yet, though. It could be that you simply need to adjust your approach to reach Reddit’s base of 330 million users. Reddit is a unique place on the web, and reaching your audience there takes some finesse, but it’s certainly possible.

How to Use Google My Business to Connect With More Customers

by Author Image Joe Warnimont • updated:
How to use Google My Business

Google logs your business information automatically. Yet, there’s more to uncover and a multitude of opportunities when it comes to connecting with customers through Google. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to use Google My Business – the business directory and customer outreach platform from Google – in order to interact with site visitors and nurture potential leads.

How to Set Up Your Google My Business Listing for Maximum Results

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:
How to optimize your Google My Business listing

Standing out on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is tough. For local businesses, the task seems insurmountable. Not only is competition fierce, but space for local results is limited – usually only the top ten or so entries make the list. This makes it important to use all of the tools Google provides effectively, including your Google My Business listing.

How to Grow Your Audience With Blogging on Medium

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:
Blogging on Medium

If you’re already publishing on a WordPress blog, you probably know that winning traffic is not a walk in the park. Even after developing high-quality content, attracting the attention of your target audience can be quite challenging. Fortunately, blogging on Medium in addition to your own site can help you overcome this hurdle.

What is Google My Business and How to Make It Work for Your Business?

by Author Image Dianna Gunn • updated:

We’ll explore what Google My Business is, how to set it up, and seven ways you can use it to benefit your business.

Pinterest Analytics – A Beginner’s Guide on How to Use It

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:
Pinterest Analytics

Looking to reach more people on Pinterest? Improve the engagement of your existing audience? We’ll show you how you can achieve your goals through Pinterest’s built-in analytics to optimize content and increase engagement.

Misinformation on Social Media: How to Identify and Block It

by Author Image Joe Warnimont • updated:
Misinformation and social media

Misinformation, fake news, opinion pieces, and satire all contribute to the wave of untruths being shared by news outlets, experts, and people on social media. Running tests to filter out the misinformation for your own personal knowledge serves as a great practice. But what about identifying and blocking misinformation on social media for your business?

How to Use LinkedIn Groups for Promoting Your Content

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:
LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are dedicated to professionals with similar interests for sharing content, finding answers, and joining discussions. We’ll show you how to use them as an effective promotion tool for increasing your social shares and engagement.

How to Use LinkedIn Hashtags to Expand Your Client Base

by Author Image Joe Warnimont • updated:
How to use LinkedIn hashtags to expand your client base

LinkedIn hashtags are similar to the hashtags you would use on other social networks such as Instagram and Twitter. They’re meant for tagging posts with relevant topics. The hashtag then presents that tagged post into a feed with the same hashtags.

LinkedIn for Small Business: Strategies That Work (Examples Included!)

by Author Image Joe Warnimont • updated:
LinkedIn for Small Business: Strategies That Work

You’ve probably heard that LinkedIn is a great way to find both potential customers and employees, but making it actually work for your business is another matter entirely. This guide will explore how to make LinkedIn for small business work by analyzing what companies are already doing on the platform.

How to Use LinkedIn Video to Excite Potential Leads and Employees

by Author Image Joe Warnimont • updated:
How to use LinkedIn videos to excite potential leads and employees

brands are using LinkedIn and you’ll realize just how important it is for finding new talent and making sales. Not only that, but LinkedIn videos are becoming the go-to format for engaging potential customers and employees.

How to Start a Podcast: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Author Image Dianna Gunn • updated:

The podcast market may be more crowded today than it was even one year ago, but starting a podcast is still one of the best ways to build an audience and improve your reputation as an expert. A podcast can also become a valuable part of your body of work and eventually even a new income stream – and learning how to start a podcast is easier than it ever has been.

8 Foolproof Call-to-Action Examples (And Why They Work)

by Author Image Raelene Morey • updated:

Call-to-action examples vary widely across the marketing verticals, but they’re always very deliberate, including on social media. That might run counter to your intuition: isn’t social media supposed to ephemeral, playful, and authentic?

4 YouTube Alternatives to Consider in Your Video Marketing Strategy

by Author Image Dianna Gunn • updated:

Between YouTube’s ever-changing algorithms and the sheer amount of competition, it’s become extremely difficult to establish a channel on YouTube. But video is the way of the future; by 2021, an estimated 82% of all internet traffic will be video. So what’s a brand to do? Publish videos with YouTube’s competitor sites, of course. In this article, we’ll explore the best YouTube alternatives and help you choose the right one for your brand.

5 Social Listening Tools to Help You Understand Your Audience

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:

We all hope that what people say to our faces is the same as what’s said when we’re not around. However, this isn’t always the case – especially when the ‘you’ in this scenario happens to be a business. This is why you should consider checking out some social listening tools.

3 Free Ways to Add Click-to-Tweet Links to Your WordPress Blog for More Shares

by Author Image Megan Jones • updated:

Twitter now has over 330 million monthly active users, sending over 500 million tweets a day. This makes it an ideal platform to promote your content and reach a wider audience. One way to do this is to add Click-to-Tweet functionality to your WordPress website. By displaying highlighted tweetable sentences amongst your articles, you will encourage readers to share this content, helping to raise your profile on Twitter and gain new followers.

How to Get Paid on YouTube (Without Relying on YouTube Ads)

by Author Image Dianna Gunn • updated:

The primary goal of your YouTube channel might be to develop a relationship with your brand’s audience, but wouldn’t it be nice to make a little money, too? After all, you put several hours of hard work into every video. But YouTube partnerships aren’t available to everyone, and only the largest channels earn significant money. So the question is, how to get paid on YouTube when you’re first starting out?

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