How to Share a Link on Facebook? #SocialMediaMyths

by Author Image Chris Fitzgerald • updated:

Few things in life are certain but the question of how to share a link on Facebook has only one answer. At least, that’s what I always thought. My view has become more nuanced over the past few months and I’m devoting this month’s article to the myth of the link-in-caption and its impact on reach.

How to Run a Facebook Contest and Get Great Results: Beginner’s Guide

by Author Image Joe Warnimont • updated:
Facebook contest

Everyone loves a contest, and social media makes them so much easier to manage, since you share information about the contest, ask for submissions, then give out a prize, all from the comfort of your own home or office. Running a Facebook contest is especially beneficial, seeing as how you can take advantage of the wide range of features on Facebook to make a creative contest that’s unique to your brand and generate interest with the help of Facebook distribution tools.

Facebook Ads Rejected? Why It Happened and How to Fix It

by Author Image Joe Warnimont • updated:
Facebook ads rejected

It’s not uncommon to see this message next to your Facebook Ads: Rejected. This typically means that you must edit something within your ad or change the target audience selections. After rectifying the situation, you can resubmit the advertisement, which usually doesn’t take more than a few minutes for approval.

How Much Should I Spend on Facebook Ads? A Guide for Small Business

by Author Image Joe Warnimont • updated:
How much should I spend on Facebook ads

If you’re relatively new to Facebook ads, or you’re looking back on a recent campaign and wondering if you’re doing it right, it’s a good idea to take a step back and ask “how much should I spend on Facebook ads?”

How to Build a Tribe Using a Facebook Group for Business

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:
Build a tribe using Facebook groups for business

Facebook has billions of diverse users, which presents an interesting challenge. While there are plenty of marketing opportunities on offer, it can be tough to cut through the noise and find your audience. Creating a Facebook group for business can be one excellent solution.

5 Facebook Marketing Tips That Still Work in 2021

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:

Facebook has long been known as a powerhouse of marketing opportunity. However, it’s a little harder to get noticed on the platform these days. This is due in part to the platform’s declining organic reach – meaning that not all of the Facebook marketing tips you’re used to may still result in success.

Facebook Messenger Ads: A Beginner’s Guide for 2021

by Author Image Dianna Gunn • updated:
Facebook Messenger ads

In this guide, we will take a look at the pros and cons of Facebook Messenger ads, how they work, and the best practices to follow when running them.

4 Simple Strategies to Boost Brand Awareness on Facebook

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:
4 Simple Strategies to Boost Brand Awareness on Facebook

Using Facebook to enhance your company’s brand awareness can be a difficult task. While it’s a simple platform to use, it can take much time and effort before you start seeing results.

How to Research Your Facebook Ads Competition to Improve Your Advertising Campaigns

by Author Image Joe Warnimont • updated:
How to research your Facebook ads competition

Real estate agents do it. Ecommerce stores do it. Bloggers do it. Facebook advertising has its pros and cons, but when done right, Facebook ads send valuable, targeted business to your website. What’s the quickest way to approach ads properly? Start by researching your Facebook Ads competition.

How to Identify and Target Your Facebook Audience (4 Key Strategies)

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:
How to identify and target your Facebook audience

As with any type of marketing campaign, Facebook ads and promotions are most successful when they’re targeted. Once you understand who your Facebook audience is, you’ll be better positioned to tailor content to them. Ultimately, this will help you realize higher engagement and conversion rates.

How to Promote Local Businesses on Facebook (Real-World Examples Inside)

by Author Image Joe Warnimont • updated:
How to Promote Local Businesses on Facebook

You may have heard that Facebook isn’t quite right for a business in your industry in 2018. For instance, clothing retailers often see more success on Instagram or Pinterest. However, Facebook is still the tried and true platform for small business owners who want to create a foundation on social media. Even millennials still prefer Facebook over other options, and 79% of all internet users log into Facebook.

4 Strategies to Get More Facebook Reviews for Your Business

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:
How to get more Facebook reviews for your business

A healthy collection of Facebook reviews can help distinguish your page, build trust, and boost sales. Plus, with the right approach, they can be easy to accumulate. In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of Facebook reviews as well as how (and why) you should enable them. Then we’ll provide four tips for getting more reviews on your Facebook page. Let’s get started!

How to Use Facebook to Create a Customer Persona and Build More Effective Marketing Campaigns

by Author Image Joe Warnimont • updated:

Do you know how much money your male customers make on average? Are you aware of how many customers use mobile devices to shop online? What about customer interests like gardening or working out? All of these metrics come into play when you’re marketing to customers and trying to understand how, where, and why they buy. It’s all part of completing a customer persona for the collection of people who purchase from you.

Facebook Workplace: How it Works + How It Can Benefit Your Business

by Author Image John Hughes • updated:
Facebook Workplace

Most people aren’t familiar with Facebook’s work collaboration service. However, Facebook Workplace offers a lot of the same features other big-name tools do. You can use it to set up multiple communication channels, keep track of project progress, set up events, and more. Plus, it’s very easy to pick up if you’re already a Facebook user.

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