If you want to be a strong and successful social media marketer, you must learn from the best and pay close attention to the advice you’re getting from your mentors. We all know that, right?

But how do you actually find those top insights? Well, the most intuitive path is to go to some top-quality social media blogs.

To make the research part a bit easier for you (or maybe not), we’ve prepared a HUGE list of the 100 best and most popular, top social media blogs on the web. We’re fairly certain that these blogs are where you will find all the information you need to become a better social media marketer.

Also, we’ve listed each blog’s 1-2 most popular posts based on the social shares they’ve gathered. This way, you can observe which topics have the most impact on the audience or have been the most newsworthy.

So, let’s get the party started!

Here are the top 100 social media blogs, in no particular order:

Buffer Social

Buffer Social is the daily press for every marketer who wants to stay connected with the latest happenings in social media. They cover all the topics, bring in-depth analysis, make interesting lists, present awesome tools + their alternatives, and come up with the freshest stories in this niche.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the most popular marketing blogs in the online environment, which focuses mostly on business growth. This blog will help you promote yourself and create a brand. Social media is here too, playing one of the main roles. Here you can find insights from the backstage and a more technical approach of using social media for marketing purposes.

Jenn’s Trends

A website where all the popular social media channels are explained and analyzed. Want to know how a specific social network can help you in marketing? You may find the answer in Jenn’s advice.


Mashable is one of those top social media blogs that have everything. Using humor and the funny side of things, it brings you all the news and tips on how to become awesome at social media. The site is focused on internet stories in general, such as videos, tech, business advice, entertainment, and more. From soft news to hard stories, they have it all.

Simply Measured

Tips about business strategies on social media, analysis, news, surveys, markets, facts, trends, it’s all there. Simply Measured is an all-in-one blog that brings social media closer to you. Find out how to manage your social accounts in order to reach bigger audiences. It’s all about planning and strategy.


This blog features social media topics that serve as great resources for those who want to advertise via their social channels. Advanced marketing tools, stats, activity monitoring and tracking tools, audience insights, plus other things that any marketer should know. RazorSocial is the blog you read after you’ve reached the next level of marketing knowledge.

Revive Social

Revive.Social is … this blog. Hey, we couldn’t not include it. 🙂 We are new in the market, but we’re willing to challenge the ones at the top. Stay tuned for our tutorials, lists, tips, news, (funny) trends in social media, and more.


This is a big international news site, which covers mostly topics from the technology range, but where you can find lots of other web-related resources including social media too. They offer a whole category that’s all about social media. From soft news (like selfie apps) to hard news (like stats and financial stories), TechCruch won’t miss anything when it comes to social media trends.


A magazine approaching the same thematic as TechCruch, with coverage of business-oriented news and advice. In the technology category, there’s a whole social media subcategory where you can read tips and tricks, along with lots of social trends. Cats, selfies, studies, ads … it’s all there.


SocialMouths – a blog run by a single person, Francisco Rosales – helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to turn their online presence into a powerful marketing tool. It offers various tips and tutorials, all promotion-related – marketing campaigns and advice for social media, email marketing, A/B testing, sales, and much more.

Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg is an author, speaker, and a social media marketing pro, as she calls herself. Most of her headlines contain the exact phrase “social media”, so get ready to be hit with lots of tricks and tutorials on how to promote your site/services using your social profiles.

Socially Sorted

This is a blog that shows you how to get more reach, referrals, and positive results for your business. Here, you can find advice based on visual social media and content strategies. If you want more people to know about your site and share your services massively, Socially Sorted is the blog where you can find how to create shareable content.


“You need to be where your customers are – on social media.” This is the motto of Pam Dyer, the owner of Pamorama. What’s in it for you here? Tips and tricks for businesses in order to optimize their brands, gain more customer engagement, and drive sales using their social channel. Besides social media stuff, here you can read other marketing advice as well.

Social Media Examiner

As you probably already figured out from the name, this blog is bringing reliable insights on how to use social media’s power for your business. The guys examine social media trends and directions by providing you comprehensive articles, expert interviews, reviews, research, and news. The goal? Connect with your users, drive traffic, generate awareness, and increase sales.


MOZ is a company meant to increase your online visibility and, for that, they’re providing online marketing products and articles. On the blog, they’re offering insights about everything that has to do with promotion. In the social media category, you’ll find expert analytics, metrics, how-tos, what-ifs, case studies, and very pertinent explanations for various social media practices.


Interested in promoting your business on many social media channels? On HubSpot, you’ll find advice on how to manage and expand your services and visibility on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Periscope, and much more. So, if you need insights for different social media platforms, other than the most popular ones, you can find what you need here, on HubSpot.

Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is one of the most popular marketing blogs at the moment. It offers you anything a marketer could ever need. You just have to search for the keywords that interest you, and you’ll get your topic right away. Plenty of resources, tips, tutorials, tools, connections between social media and other platforms, and much more.


Entrepreneur is a site that offers you tips on how to create your own online business and make money from it. It comes with a large range of topics and categories, so you can make sure nothing important is left out. Learn how to run your social media campaigns, what the trends are, how other people succeed, secrets behind the curtains, the latest news in social media, and a lot more.


A blog about content marketing, with a large range of resources and expert/professional advice on how to promote your services at a master level. All the methods through which you can bring tons of traffic to your site and also make your customers convert are presented here in a flawless manner. Social media is one of their strengths as well. Editorials, comparisons, resources, recommendations, tutorials, and more to make your business grow considerably.


This site covers tech news from all around the world. In the social part of the blog, VentureBeat mostly brings social media-related news, trends, and stats. So if you want to stay updated with the newest happenings and releases at the social media networks that your business relies on, read VentureBeat.

Content Marketing Institute

A blog that covers every topic related to content marketing. They have an entire category dedicated to social media optimization for those who want to grow their social networks. Learn about how every popular social media channel works. Read the tips and tricks any marketer should know in order to create a loyal social audience.

Social Media Today

This is a publication entirely dedicated to social businesses. Social media campaigns, optimization, tutorials, webinars, and case studies based on the most popular trending stories, plus more about the role of social media. This blog will help professionals get the most out of their social media efforts.


Tips and tricks to improve the user engagement on your social media profiles. Learn how to get feedback from your visitors and turn them into customers. Here, you will find valuable tips and tricks on how to make money online with your site by focusing on social media promotion and optimization.

Scott Monty

A great magazine that brings you raw facts, opinions, news, trends, and the effects of social media on our lives and businesses. This blog is not necessarily about marketing, but mostly about the “philosophy of social media.” It brings ingenious and interesting approaches that make you ask yourself whether social media is a good or bad thing for us.

Social Media Club

Read the latest news in social media, learn how to grow your audience, find out how to create content for your social media channels, how to manage your social profiles, insights, tools, resources, valuable information, and much more. At Social Media Club, you can learn how to use social media to your advantage.

Sociable Blog

Sociable Blog is a platform full of resources for internet marketers. It brings valuable insights and reliable info that professional marketers need in order to optimize their social media campaigns. Each social media network has its own category (namely Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google), where you can find related news and tips.

Social Times (Adweek)

Social Times is a separate page under Adweek, a magazine covering the online advertising, marketing, technology, and television topics. There, you can find out about the trending stories on Twitter, Facebook, and learn about the latest social media mobile apps.


Social media tips, tricks, expert advice on how to improve your connection with social media networks, and how to take advantage of them in order to boost engagement and traffic. It offers useful tips for all social media networks that are currently reigning.


On MarketingProfs, you can find social media resources of all kinds. Most importantly: valuable stats, infographics, charts, tables, trends, and other interesting pieces of data. If you’re into the economic and business-oriented part of social media, take a look at this site. Most of their articles have visually-represented facts.

Marketing Land

Marketing Land is part of Search Engine Land, and they have a category for every social media network. If you need particular info and news, you can find them there – the content is very well organized and easy to follow. What’s in it for you? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and lots of social media marketing guides and tutorials.


Kissmetrics provides you with stats related to all marketing areas. This includes social media as well. You’ll find raw numbers, guides, ideas, step-by-step tutorials, charts, graphs, and infographics, all explaining how social media is working/evolving. If you want hints on the importance of each social media network alone, give this blog a scroll.

Search Engine Journal

In the social media section, Search Engine Journal lets you know about the latest trends, how each social channel can improve your business, every social channel’s secrets and hints on how it can be used, the advantages of creating a social media audience, and lots of tips on how to promote your business via the social streams.

Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends is a magazine meant to help startups flourish. It brings news and tips from multiple areas such as marketing and social media, management, finance, tech, and etc. In the social media section, you can find the latest trends related to social media companies, expert recommendations, polls, social media advertising, tips, stats, and many other insights that will help your brand get known.

Hootsuite Blog

Hootsuite is a tool that helps you manage all your social channels from one single window. The tool’s company owns this blog, so it’s good news for you because you have yet another platform where you can find only social media-related resources, news and trends. There are lots of guides, tutorials, roundups, whys, and ideas that involve all the popular social media brands. If you’re looking for an all-social blog, this is it.


DreamGrow is a content marketing agency that works with top brands like Toyota and Cosmopolitan. They publish several articles each month with advice based on a combination of their own marketing experiences and web research.


A blog treating trending topics from all around the web, including social media, mobile, commerce, reviews, and etc. Recode is actually a magazine, where you can find the latest news from Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram – in terms of business, features, sales, and everything that implies the social environment.

Marketo Marketing Blog

A site where you can find lots of social media marketing insights for both business and personal purposes. For instance, guides, tips, takeaways, campaigns, news, strategies, hints, videos, and more.

Webdesigner Depot

This blog is not only for designers. It actually covers a large area of topics – social media being one of them. What’s in it for you? News, polls, trends, and various opinion posts related to social media … from time to time.


Unbounce offers services for landing pages, but you can also find social media insights too. Infographics, editorials, tips, guides, podcasts, and much more. At Unbounce, you’ll mostly find articles and tutorials for professional marketers, so if you are one, this could help.

Schaefer Marketing Solutions

Mark Schaefer is a social media marketing consultant and strategy specialist. He provides social media workshops, books, podcasts, slide presentations, and standard posts. In those posts, you can read his professional advice, insights, and lots of other social media-related strategies that you can apply anytime in your business.

Rebekah Radice

A blog specialized in digital marketing and social media strategy. Marketing specialist and author, Rebekah Radice shares expert advice for marketers who want to improve their social media visibility. Here, you’ll find valuable information about marketing campaigns optimization, successful tweets, tips for startups, brand awareness, call-to-action, and a lot more. In short, tips on how to succeed on social media.

The Social Media Hat

This blog gives you tips on how to optimize all your social media profiles so you can grow an audience and get a higher reach. All the most popular social networks are covered, so if you’re looking for a particular one, search it here.


Unmetric blog has an interesting approach to social media. They present ordinary situations, people, and brands that use social networks to their benefit and what they do to get popular. In short, they present case studies explaining how others succeeded on social media. Also, you’ll get comparisons, analytics, strategies, and more.

Jon Loomer

The marketer Jon Loomer shares his social media skills and knowledge. His site’s description says “For advanced Facebook marketers.” So, professionals who want to grow their Facebook pages, Jon has some great insights for you.

Convince and Convert

This is an advanced blog that focuses on social media practices and provides you with expert advice of all types. It covers many social media topics in depth: business, measurement, strategy, case studies, research, and tools.


Audiense is a site that treats social media in depth. It talks about social influence, analyzes case studies, offers interviews with social media experts and influencers.

99 Dollar Social

99 Dollar Social offers lots of social media-related tips and tricks for business owners and professional marketers. Apart from getting reliable info on general topics that involve social media, you’ll also get a lot of posts related to Facebook and Twitter in particular.


Speckyboy is not necessarily a site with huge focus on social media, but it still brings nice tips and resources every once in a while.


Kikolani covers various marketing topics on how to create great content for your blog plus how to promote your blog on search engines and social media. The founder, Kristi Hines, addresses her advice to personal, professional, and business bloggers, with her goal being to help them succeed.

Brian Solis

Interviews with experts, tips for entrepreneurs and future marketing leaders, social media strategies, infographics, stats, opinions, quotes, Q&As, and other not-so-popular approaches to the social media field is what you’ll get from Brian Solis’ blog.


On this blog, you’ll find marketing insights from Michael Brito. His social media advice is mostly related to enterprises, organizations, and businesses. Michael Brito brings you tips and tutorials, reports, editorials, studies, social corporate events, and other innovative ideas for people who want to succeed online.

Tailwind Blog

Tailwind teaches you how to make your business grow by using Pinterest. If you like to experiment with various ways to expand your business, Pinterest can be a direction to take. Here, you’ll find professional advice on general and advanced Pinterest practices. Bonus, there’s a separate category for Instagram as well!

Linked Into Business

This time, a blog that teaches you how to use LinkedIn for your professional goals. What’s in here for you? The latest LinkedIn news, general social media advice, tips on how to create profiles that attract a larger audience, and overall how to make LinkedIn work for you.

Gary Vaynerchuk

The guy. Gary has been known web-wide for his social media expertise. This blog is about marketing, social media, business, tech, entrepreneurship, and life. A good place to go for the freshest news and insights.

Mari Smith

Mari Smith is a social media marketing specialist. She writes about everything social-related: content, campaigns, ads, weekly stories, guides, and tutorials. The platform she focuses the most on is Facebook. So if you’re interested in Facebook in particular, check this blog out.

Kim Garst

This is a blog entirely dedicated to social media. Kim Garst offers you separate categories for every popular social network and keeps the site very well organized. So, if you’re looking for tips on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, social selling, visual content, or simply for general social media advice, check it out.

Social Media Explorer

“Exploring the world of social media from the inside out.” Anything related to social media – and when I say anything, I mean anything, not only marketing. There, you can find trends, news, stats, tools, tips, popular and viral topics, plus much more.

SmartBug Media

SmartBug Media writes about design, tech, growth, HubSpot, and a lot of social media. In general, they cover topics for small businesses and startups, news and tips on every popular or trending social media network, analytics, optimization tools, predictions, strategies, and etc.

The 60 Second Marketer

On The 60 Second Marketer, you’ll find expert advice for marketers. A place from where you can get valuable information for your business. Among those various online marketing tips, you can also find stories related to social media. They include tips and tools, news, predictions, and the impact of social media on various aspects of our lives.

Ask Aaron Lee

Social media, social media marketing, social search, and lots of other tips, tools, and expert advice on how to deal with the promotion of your business online. Aaron Lee also writes about social media’s causes and effects, and the way it affects our professional and personal lives.


No matter if you’re a beginner or a marketing master, on Agorapulse you’ll find both basic tutorials on how to use a specific social channel and advanced advice on how to optimize them for your business promotion. What’s in it for you? Advanced Twitter, advanced Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, social media news, and more.

CinchShare Blog

Looking for social media marketing tips for your small business? Here’s the place where you can find the right content. Learn how to exploit all the social networks in your favor and how to optimize them in order to reach higher traffic and convert.

Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is a simply designed blog where you can find social media marketing news and strategies for your business. Besides, you’ll get the most popular social networks and search engines analyzed, plus lots of other tricks you probably didn’t know about.

Katie Lance

Katie Lance is a social media strategist. She teaches you about social media ads, the perfect social media content, conversions, what mistakes to avoid, when to find the right times to post on social channels, and more.

Thought Horizon

Get ready for boosting your social media traffic by following Thought Horizon, which offers tips on how to sell from your social profiles, how to create successful campaigns, how to navigate the trends and the latest rules to your advantage, and lots of other how-tos.

Likeable Local

The Likeable Local guys write social media-related advice to help you succeed in implementing your own strategies. Tools, viral stuff that you need to learn from, how-tos, webinars, social media secrets, tips to get better engagement, and tons of other great things.

The Authentic Storytelling Project

The name doesn’t sound like having much to do with social media, but in fact you can find lots of great advice here, involving things like content marketing and social media optimization. In the social media category, there are tips and tricks for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Periscope, and other awesome stuff.

More In Media

A friendly and modern blog entirely dedicated to social media practices. The site is new, it came out at the beginning of this year, but keep an eye on it for quick tips, unpopular methods, tools, and more.

Likeable Blog

Likeable blog focuses on delivering strong insights for businesses and marketers, so your professional goals can be reached quickly. Tools, whys, how-tos, solutions to various problems, future predictions, and lots of specific social media networks put on the table.

Lucy Hall

Optimize your social media strategies to set your business’ wheels in motion by following Lucy Hall’s expert advice. Learn how to use every social media network to reach your professional goals. Tips, guides, tutorials, tricks, ideas, tools … it’s all there.


Find out which social media channel is right for your type of business, and start building your brand and audience on it. Calculate the metrics, set up your goals, tailor your content, and take care of your followers. A catchy blog that teaches you how to reign on social media.

Maximize Social Business

Are you making the most out of the social media opportunities put in front of you every day? On Maximize Social Business you will learn how to be effective aka saving money and yet succeeding. Make your social media channels sparkle and get the traffic you always wanted.

Web Ink Now

On this site, David Meerman Scott writes opinion posts about how a certain topic gets viral or how a certain social network is used. He also talks about how others manage to forestall the social media stage.

Amber Naslund

On her site, Amber helps people find their own voices and get visibility on social media. How is she doing it? By writing and encouraging them to take action. She advises you what and how to share on social media, the role of social media in our lives, the consequences of your tweets and posts, etc.

Dave Fleet

Dave Fleet is a PR specialist who shares “conversations at the intersection of communications, PR, and social media.” He brings you great advice on the digital world and how to manage the given tools to communicate efficiently with your audience.

The Next Web

A magazine that covers anything that has to do with technology, business, marketing insights, creative stuff, and much more. The site isn’t specifically about social media, but social media news and trends are among the most popular topics of theirs.


Socialnomics is a site meant to bring short social stories to light. But there are also statistics, studies, and insights on online marketing and tech. By following this blog, you’ll stay in touch with the latest releases from the social media ground, along with expert advice on how to use social platforms for your business’ success.


I don’t think there is a more vast blog on this list than Gigaom. These guys cover almost all web-related topics, including social media. There are categories and subcategories for all past and current social networks, plus social marketing, social commerce, social gaming, and more.

Creative Guerilla Marketing

Growth tools, examples of successful social media campaigns, user engagement advice, traffic boost, social media contests, and expert advice on how to take your business to the next level. Everything with the use of social networks.


Advertising, marketing, social media, agency, media, video – all the news and stories you need in order to stay closer to the online world. On AdAge, you’ll find the latest stories on social media marketing, including case studies, analytics, opinions, campaigns, and news from other social media brands.


SmartBrief is a site that brings a bit of everything. In the marketing & advertising category, you’ll find lots of social media topics, mostly ones on why and how you should keep your sites optimized in order to be social-friendly.

The Blog Herald

Blog Herald is a site from where you can learn how to set up a blog by yourself and start a business with it. You’ll get various marketing tools and social media optimization advice and tips. This is for those interested in how to get more shares, build relationships with your visitors and influencers, and create awesome social media content.

Alianzo’s Blog

On this blog, you’ll find metrics, tools, influential brands, data, overviews, case studies etc. – and all about social media. Also, if you’re looking for information on a specific social network or search engine in particular, there are categories for each.

Forbes Social Media

Forbes’ social media branch is pretty good, as they don’t just write about news and trends, but also teach you how to use various social channels to your advantage. The site is a keeper for those who want to always know about the last-minute stories and changes in the social media market. If you’re writing about social media, this is a valuable resource to get your information from.

Digital Trends

On Digital Trends, you’ll read news on tech, social media, marketing, and general/basic internet stuff. When it comes to social media, the site provides the most recent stories, news, and trends.

Digital Media Wire

A great magazine that covers all the news from around the world in many areas, such as music, mobile, games, marketing, law, and – of course – social media. The site mainly delivers and covers last-minute stories, news, and trends on all social media networks.

Customer Experience Insight

A nice blog where you can read interesting insights on social media, plus customer experience, marketing, sales, and design. Improve your social media experience, learn about productivity tools, read about what makes a social media presence successful, so you can add more value to your own business.


Trends, popular stories and brands, how-tos for marketers, tips on various social networks, advice on what’s working and what’s not when it comes to building a brand on social channels, tools, resources, news … you name it. iMedia will keep you posted with what happens in the social media world at any moment.


Or “online advertising made easy”! On WordStream, you’ll find online marketing tips, tricks, and hints on how to orientate your business strategy to succeed. When it comes to social media, there are lots of posts that will guide you to a better optimization. What’s in it for you? Trends, promotion tools, hacks, case studies, interviews with experts, opinion articles, surveys, and a lot more.


Business.com brings you the latest and most modern tools and resources for social media marketing. What will you get from here? Insights, innovative ideas that you can apply to your own projects, how-tos, tools, less popular social media tricks, and copywriting strategies to catch people’s attention on social networks.

Post Planner

On this blog, you’ll find tons of social media tricks. You’ll learn how Facebook works for a better marketing campaign, how to use Twitter to promote your business, how to gain customers through Pinterest, how to use Instagram for professional goals, and a lot more.


Everybody knows Reddit and everybody knows it has everything. Of course, it’s not an actual social media blog, but it comes with useful tips from people in the entire world and their experiences with social media.


In the Platforms section on the Digiday blog, you’ll come across interesting news about various social media networks. Mostly about the most popular of them. The majority of the posts are related to marketing, advertising, funny facts, and stats.


SEMrush comes with a large range of posts about social media. You’ll read smart tips for marketers and site owners, insider secrets, guides, how-tos, and more.

Social Marketing Fella

Andre Bourque shares social media and content marketing insights. He talks about tools, trends, social selling, and publishes nice editorials that are meant to open our eyes to the world we’re living in (they’re related to social media).


A modern blog that provides the latest news and trends in all marketing-related fields, including social media. Apart from news, you’ll also get tutorials, tricks, webinars, infographics, and overall valuable advice on how to increase your social media traffic and visibility.


Mention is a blog offering articles with marketing insights for those who pursue this professional path. Apart from media, competition, and brands monitoring, you get digital marketing and social media tips too.

Social Quant

Social Quant is a social media service that helps you increase your Twitter follower base. On the blog, they are sharing tips on how to improve your Twitter marketing strategy, but you’ll also get great blogging advice and tricks on other social media platforms.

This concludes our (huge) list of the top social media blogs on the web. If you know of some other top social media blogs that should be mentioned here, don’t hesitate to share in the comments.

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