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Selling on Instagram: How to Create Shoppable Posts on Instagram

Instagram has recently announced that they are rolling out their Shopping on Instagram feature to Instagram Business users across the globe. For anyone who is selling on Instagram, this is big news, and could potentially mean a sizeable increase in eCommerce sales. But what is Shopping on Instagram, and how will it help to sell your online store’s products?

7 Best Instagram Analytics Tools of 2019 Worth Checking Out

Instagram analytics tools can take the guesswork out of your social media strategy. After all, there’s a goldmine of data you can dig into that can help you better understand your followers and inform your social media marketing efforts.

35+ Popular Instagram Hashtags and Trends Taking Over 2019 So Far

If you don’t know today’s most popular Instagram hashtags and trends, you’re probably missing out. And it could explain why your engagement stats are beginning to tank.

How to Advertise on Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

With higher numbers of people and brands using Instagram than ever before, knowing how to advertise on Instagram successfully is becoming an important skill. In this Instagram ads guide, we will look step-by-step at how to create and run ads on Instagram.

The New Instagram Algorithm: How to Use It to Boost Brand Visibility

The new Instagram algorithm just became much more transparent. Since 2016, Instagram has largely been a mystery—that’s when the social media platform replaced its chronological feed with a secret algorithm.

The idea behind the algorithm was simple: a chronological feed isn’t the best way for users to get the content they want. That’s why Instagram’s algorithm has been designed to better match users and content, simultaneously improving both user engagement and satisfaction.

How to Find the Right Hashtags for Instagram and Increase Your Follower Count

You’ve invested in a nice camera, set up beautiful scenes that relate to your business, and put in some grassroots efforts for building your Instagram follower count. Yet, whenever you share a photo, it’s always the same people liking and commenting. You’ve heard that hashtags are meant to connect your company with interested, new followers, but even with those hashtags, you’re hitting the same plateau over and over. This situation is both common and frustrating, considering that Instagram should be one of the best places for any type of business to reach new customers. But for some reason, it’s a little tricky to figure out the right hashtags for Instagram.

How to Promote an eCommerce Store on Instagram and Boost Sales

promote an eCommerce store on Instagram

Image-based social media channel Instagram is the perfect place for eCommerce stores to market their products. However, there is no guarantee of success on any social media platform. So if you are looking to promote an eCommerce store on Instagram then you need to ensure you are using the right tools and strategies.

How to Craft an Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram Marketing Strategy

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is grab my phone off my bedside table and open Instagram. Like 800 million other active Instagram users, I love scrolling through my feed and seeing all the photos my friends, family, complete strangers, celebrities, influencers and even companies I follow have posted overnight. All those brands and celebrities clearly have to be doing something right … so here’s how to emulate them and build an effective Instagram marketing strategy of your own.

Instagram vs Snapchat: Which Platform Is a Better Fit for Your Brand?

Instagram vs Snapchat

Understanding the differences between Instagram vs Snapchat is key to marketing effectively on both. Let’s discuss each app and how to target its users! These two social media sites are incredibly popular among young people today.