Author: Chris Fitzgerald.

How to Share a Link on Facebook? #SocialMediaMyths

Few things in life are certain but the question of how to share a link on Facebook has only one answer. At least, that’s what I always thought. My view has become more nuanced over the past few months and I’m devoting this month’s article to the myth of the link-in-caption and its impact on reach.

How Many Hashtags Can Twitter Bear? (Social Media Myths)

If you’re wondering how many hashtags to use for Twitter, then there is the golden rule: keep ’em few and people stick with you. Take ’em high and wave bye-bye.

Social Media Conferences That Entrepreneurs Should Consider in 2019

We all know that not all social media conferences are created equal, and here at Revive.Social we know just how unpleasant attending the wrong conference can be. So, we decided to put together this list of the best social media conferences of 2019 – so you could get the best idea of which conferences meet your goals for the next year.

Retweeting Yourself Doubles Your Reach … Or Not? (Social Media Myths)

Every day, social media managers are tasked with more labors than Heracles while also toiling with that multi-headed beast known as The Algorithm. First order of business – doing away with the common social media myths.

Posting to Facebook From Instagram – Social Media Case Study #8

Posting to Facebook From Instagram – Social Media Case Study #8

Welcome to another social media case study. It was a quiet month with a few days of cyclonic activity when we all decamped for Belgrade and the 2018 edition of WordCamp Europe (aka the Russian sleep experiment).

What Is Mastadon? Social Media Case Study #7

Welcome to another social media case study. This month we found that quitting Facebook seems to be what the kids are into these days. Just 10% of teens claim it as a go to platform (but they love Instagram, so not all bad for Marvellous Mark and the FB bunch).

Is It Time to Stop Using Facebook as Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy? Social Media Case Study #6

Stop Using Facebook for Social Media Marketing? Social Media Case Study #6

The News Feed is still giving me headaches and this month I played with more videos to see if we could get some love. I also tried to take our content out of the feed and played with some groups to see how they worked. I made errors on Instagram and started setup on Pinterest. We’ll also briefly cover a few miscellaneous things that have gone on this month, like spring cleaning on LinkedIn and a couple of new YouTube channels.

12 of the Best Social Media Podcasts to Follow if You Want to Stay Ahead of Trends

Improve your social media marketing with the 12 best social media podcasts available. Every podcast on this list will give you actionable tips for better social media performance. Stay on top of development in this rapidly changing industry.

Square Videos: Should You Be Using Them? – Social Media Case Study Ep. #5

square videos case study 5

It’s already the fifth edition of my social media case study, hard to believe. Because every month is scarier than the last when you work in social media. Still, at least we don’t work for Facebook, am I right?

Revive.Social’s Ongoing Social Media Case Study (Ep. #4 – Twitter Promote Mode, Reddit, More Facebook Ads, and Lessons From Trolls)

social media case study 4

This past month has been exciting for our social media case study, as we have managed to shake some trolls lose. When we weren’t battling them we managed to find some time to promote a new child theme on Facebook, branch out into new social media channels, mess with Twitter Promote Mode; and have some fun with some new friends.

Revive.Social’s Ongoing Social Media Case Study (Ep. #3 – Facebook News Feed Updates, Writing Styles and Supporting Imagery, Testing Facebook Videos)

Ongoing Social Media Case Study Ep. #3

The third edition of the social media case study has arrived! Full disclosure: fewer experiments this past month as I spent time watching the impact of the Facebook News Feed changes. So what did I do? Played more with my writing style on social media posts. I wanted to get a better handle on writing for our international audience. I also felt that I was missing the point sometimes and trying to be too clever. Really it was about getting back to basics.

Revive.Social’s Ongoing Social Media Case Study (Ep. #2 – Re-Purposing Content, Failing Videos, Hashtags)

social media case study

So, here we are with the second edition of my social media case study / experiments and adventures here at Revive.Social. The end of 2017 was quite interesting here at Revive.Social, and we experimented a lot with our images and content. Mostly I am interested in post types and the level of engagement we are getting with them.

How to Make Animated GIFs for Social Media

make animated GIFs for social media

GIFs are one of the most popular communication tools in social media. In this article, we show you how to make animated GIFs and how to stay ahead of the pack. Use one of the popular free or paid tools to build some truly impressive GIFs.

Revive.Social’s Ongoing Social Media Case Study (Ep. #1 – New Experiments)

Ongoing Social Media Case Study 1

Follow this ongoing social media case study / experiment by a social media specialist in the WordPress space. Learn from his mistakes and have a laugh. This is the 1st edition.