Just recently movies have switched from 3D to 4DX. Perhaps it’s time for images to evolve too, especially on social media. I mean, there are already video cover pictures on Facebook, have you noticed? So how long until 3D makes an impact?

Why you should care about 3D images

Because images help your content get shared. Visuals were always the key to successful content. I’m not saying that the message doesn’t matter, I’m just saying that they complement each other. And the more images your articles have, the more shares and interactions they get.

And it’s not just me who says that, there are stats to back this up:

What do I mean by visuals? Anything that’s not text. Stuff that catches your eye instantly, at first glance. It could be creative and/or funny photos, infographics, videos, screenshots, charts, graphics, colorful characters, icons etc. And the new 3D images? Why not.

3D images? How so?

Okay, enough with the suspense. What I want to talk about here is the new social network called Fyuse.

Fyuse is a mobile app that lets you take/create 3D pictures.


Named “spatial photography,” a 3D image makes you feel like you’re part of the game, by showing you all the sides of the photographed object.

You just have to move your phone from right to left and backwards, and you’ll be able to see an in-depth image that rotates around the object you have in sight. To see a 3D image on your laptop, you must click on it and drag both sides to have a complete view of what’s inside.

Let’s say you see an awesome thing in a store and you want to share it with your friends, but you need to take many 2D pictures to show them how it looks from the back or from the side.

Well, with Fyuse you take just one picture. You only have to press and hold a button, then move the phone around that thing.

A photo is a moment in time. A video captures times. But what about a moment in space?

-Radu Rusu, co-founder and CEO of Fyuse

How to use Fyuse?

  1. Simple, go to Google Play or App Store and search for Fyuse.
  2. Install the app (it’s free).
  3. Connect it with Facebook.
  4. Press and hold the main button.
  5. Move the phone in any direction to capture a scene.
  6. Tune your image and share it with others.

Fyuse is an ambitious project, and I think it will be improved in the future. Right now, it comes with a few things that don’t necessarily bring too much value.

The app doesn’t work flawlessly on some phones, and when it does, it takes up a lot of disk space (up to 1GB). It’s probably not the best idea to keep all your 3D photos stored on the device. Instead, share them on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.

The photos can also be embedded in websites, which is awesome. Like so:

This is what your Fyuse profile looks like:


Only on mobile

At the moment, Fyuse is not available for any other devices but mobile phones. You can take pictures with the phone and post them on the web. When you install it, it automatically creates you a Fyuse account, where the pictures you take are stored into a 3D photo gallery.

For me, Fyuse is an Instagram in 3D. 

Fyuse was officially launched in December 2014, but there are just a few people that actually heard of it.

Am I the only one who believes that 3D selfies will become a trend in a couple of years or maybe even sooner?

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