Have you been combing the internet in search of the best domain registrars?

Your domain name is the address to your internet home. It’s where people find you, and in many cases, it’s also the first thing people see about your brand.

In other words, buying and registering a domain name is the foundation of your online presence. You want to make sure your domain name appeals to your audience and, just as importantly, that it’s registered with a reputable domain registrar.

This article will look at the best domain registrars in 2023.

Key factors to consider when choosing a domain registrar

Domain registrars are companies that allow you to purchase and register ownership for domains.

Consider these five crucial factors when you pick a domain registrar:


Pricing is crucial when you make an acquisition as a business owner. Go for a solution that fits your budget.

You’ll want to pay particular attention to cost if you’re using a premium TLD like .io, as the prices for these vary greatly from one domain registrar to the next. More common TLDs like .org and .com have more stable prices across registrars, but there is still some variation.

You’ll also want to closely examine the renewal rates because they tend to be significantly higher than the initial rate.

Last but certainly not least, look out for hidden rates. For instance, some registrars charge extra for essentials like SSL certification and domain privacy.

Expiration policies

Domains expire after a certain period, usually one year. Find out if the registrar gives you a grace period to renew your domain after it expires. You certainly don’t want a registrar that locks you out of your domain name or sells your domain immediately upon expiration if you have credit card problems.

Domain transfers

The best domain registrars make it easy to move domains across registrars without charging you an extra fee for it. If you are unhappy with the service quality you are getting from the registrar, switching to another provider should be simple.

Add-on services

What additional services does the registrar offer? Do they provide email hosting service, email marketing service, domain parking, website builders, or extended expiration protection? Getting these services in one place (today or in the future) is convenient and often cheaper.

Best domain registrars compared for 2023

Let’s now go through the seven best domain registration service providers with the above pointers in mind.

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Namecheap
  3. Bluehost
  4. Domain.com
  5. Google Domains
  6. OVH
  7. Hover

1. GoDaddy

Best domain registrars: GoDaddy

With over 21 million customers around the globe, GoDaddy is one of the best registrars on the market in terms of the number of users.

From domain registration to web hosting, business name generation, eCommerce website set-up, logo generation, WordPress themes and templates, GoDaddy does it all.

If you buy any annual web hosting plan from GoDaddy, they throw in a domain name for free. Get great deals and buy domains up to 65% cheaper with GoDaddy’s bulk domain registration service and the Discount Domain Club (DDC).

πŸ’° Top-level domain prices at GoDaddy

.com .net .org .co .biz .info .io .shop .us .de
$12.17 $15.17 $10.17 $11.99 $12.17 $4.17 $44.99 $2.17 $7.99 $9.99
  • Bundled features: N/A
  • Add-ons: private registration, privacy protection, SEO tools, email hosting, website hosting

πŸš€ Best for: GoDaddy is best for people who buy many domain names regularly.

2. Namecheap

Cheap domain reigistrar: NameCheap

Launched in 2000, Namecheap has a massive 16.5 million domains registered under their stable and is the second largest registrar behind GoDaddy.

Its mission is to deliver the best domains at affordable prices. Not only is the initial registration affordable, but their renewal rates are also cheap. With most competitors cashing in by raising rates significantly on renewals, Namecheap’s inexpensive rates stand out in the industry.

Besides domain registration, they offer web hosting, managed WordPress, business email, anti-spam protection, SSL certificates, security, and more.

πŸ’° Top-level domain prices at Namecheap

.com .net .org .co .biz .info .io .shop .us .de
$9.58 $10.98 $7.48 $9.48 $5.48 $3.98 $39.98 $1.78 $4.48 $6.98
  • Bundled features: WHOIS protection
  • Add-ons: web hosting, G-Suite, SSL certification

πŸš€ Best for: Namecheap is a superb option if you want a cheap solution that comes with web hosting and WhoisGuard privacy protection

3. Bluehost

Best domain registrar: Bluehost

Bluehost is famous for its super quick 1-click WordPress installation and reliable hosting. They are primarily a hosting company, but they also register domain names. As a result, it’s popular with WordPress lovers looking for a quick set-up solution.

The best part?

They give you a domain name for free if you buy any of their shared WordPress hosting plans. It gets even better. Bluehost always runs a hosting sale, so you are almost guaranteed to get a hosting plan for ~$2.95 per month.

πŸ’° Top-level domain prices at Bluehost

.com .net .org .co .biz .info .io .shop .us .de
$12.99 $18.99 $9.99 $27.99 $9.99 $11.99 $11.99 N/A $5.99 N/A
  • Bundled features: SSL certification, a free domain name with a Bluehost hosting plan
  • Add-ons: private registration, web hosting, Microsoft Office 365

πŸš€ Best for: Bluehost is excellent if you want to get a domain name for free and pay just for hosting your site.

4. Domain.com

Best domain registrars: domain.com

True to its name, Domain.com is a renowned domain registration company that features on the best domain registrars list. It was founded in 2000 to help customers find the perfect domain name and build their online presence.

Domain.com is famous for reliable and lightning-fast eCommerce hosting. You can buy secure domain names for cheap. They also offer an excellent hosting service, email and marketing, and a custom website builder.

If you want to launch an eCommerce business, you can buy your domain name and hosting service from Domain.com.

πŸ’° Top-level domain prices at Domain.com

.com .net .org .co .biz .info .io .shop .us .de
$9.99 $12.99 $8.99 $27.99 $16.99 $3.99 $47.99 $34.99 $8.99 $39.99
  • Bundled features: SSL certification, DNS management, domain forwarding, transfer lock
  • Add-ons: web hosting, Google Workspace (G Suite), Comodo SSL, Site Lock

πŸš€ Best for: Domain.com is the best choice for people who want to combine domain registration with reliable eCommerce hosting.

5. Google Domains

Best domain registrar service: Google Domains

Google Domains is another contender in the best domain registrars race. The Google Domains registration process is one of the simplest in the market. They have over 300 domain extensions you can choose from.

If you buy your domain from Google, your purchase comes with a bunch of extras. These include email forwarding, privacy protection, one-click DNSSEC, and Google 2-Step Verification. Another special feature is that setting up Google Ads is a breeze.

Plus, they provide 24/7 support to help you when you meet challenges.

πŸ’° Top-level domain prices at Google Domains

.com .net .org .co .biz .info .io .shopping .us .de
$12 $12 $12 $30 $15 $22 $60 $30 $12 $7
  • Bundled features: WHOIS privacy protection, Google 2-Step Verification, email forwarding, privacy protection, one-click DNSSEC, Google 2-Step Verification
  • Add-ons: N/A

πŸš€ Best for: Google Domains is ideal for businesses that run lots of Google ads.

6. OVH

Best domain registration and hosting company: OVHcloud

OVHcloud is another respected company that comes into the best domain registrars conversation. It’s based in France and is a great option for people who live in Europe. You can track expenses in your local language if you are a Europe-based business.

OVH gives you a free domain name if you buy a website hosting plan from OVHcloud. Their hosting plans start from as low as $4.39 per month, so getting a domain name for free alongside your purchase is a superb deal.

Please note that OVH doesn’t offer domain registration services in North America.

πŸ’° Top-level domain prices at OVH

.com .net .org .co .biz .info .io .shop .us .de
$10.99 $10.49 $7.46 $11.72 $15.39 $3.72 $50.69 $3.19 $8.49 $8.49
  • Bundled features: DNSSEC protection, SSL certification
  • Add-ons: web hosting and email hosting

πŸš€ Best for: Domain.com is ideal for European Union customers who want a localized service.

7. Hover


Hover has been in the domain registration sector since 2008.

Hover gives you the domain registration essentials minus the shiny accessories. It’s the perfect solution if you want a basic, no-frills domain registrar. In addition, Hover prides itself on the simplicity of its platform. Indeed, the user interface and checkout are straightforward.

The only additional service offered by Hover is professional email addresses, which can be purchased for as little as $5/year.

πŸ’° Top-level domain prices at Hover

.com .net .org .co .biz .info .io .shop .us .de
. $14.99 $15.49 $13.99 $27.99 $18.99 $4.99 $34.99 $4.99 $14.99 N/A
  • Bundled features: N/A
  • Add-ons: email hosting.

πŸš€ Best for: Hover is the best pick if you want a quick and easy solution to register your domain name and don’t want additional services.

Best domain registrars summary

That’s a wrap of a review of the best domain registrars on the market in 2023.

If you ask us, we recommend Namecheap as the best domain registrar overall. They are cheap, offer WHOIS privacy, and have many additional services like website hosting and email hosting.

πŸ‘‰ For the best deal that combines domain registration and hosting, we endorse Bluehost. Other solid options are GoDaddy, OVH, Hover, Google Domains, and Domain.com.

Do you have questions about domain registration? Share them in the comments below!

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