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Revive Old PostS

Revive Old Posts helps you keep your content alive and in front the audiences that matter. Seamlessly share your WordPress website content on a schedule, and drive more traffic from the top social media networks. Let Revive Old Posts breathe new life into your website.

Revive Network

Revive Network is an Add-on for Revive Old Posts that lets you pull content from any website on the web with an RSS or Atom feed, and share that content to your Social Media accounts. Keep your users engaged with not just your content, but content from a wide range of sources.

Revive Blog

A growing collection of all the tips, tricks and other information you need to make Social Media work for you. Revive Blog helps everyone, from start-ups, small business owners and, Social Media Marketers navigate social media to achieve the best results for growth in their industries.


Meet the Crew

From the same team that brought you CodeinWP, Themeisle, Optimole, JustFreeThemes and many more


Karol K.

Blog, Editorial

Before it hits the blog, it goes through Karol. He makes sure all posts on the Revive Social blog are relevant to businesses looking to grow using Social Media.


Ionut N.


Ionut helps the team make sure there are no loose ends. He’s like Clark, keeping an eye on planet Revive Social as it grows. 

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