Revive Network allows you to import and share feed post items from any RSS feed on the web. Share content from your favorite sites to your social media accounts!

Integrate seamlessly with Revive Old Posts! Revive Network is an add-on plugin for Revive Old Posts, this means all the filtering options and capabilities in Revive Old Posts will apply for Revive Network feed posts.

Choose how often you want to import posts from RSS feeds and how many you want imported.

Option to delete feed item posts from your WordPress website after the post has been shared to your social media accounts. Allowing you to only import and share RSS feed item posts once.

Add custom UTM tags for feed items shared. Let sites know that the traffic is coming from you by setting custom Google Analytics UTM tags for posts shared (optional).

Download images from RSS feeds (if present) and have it set as the featured image for a post. Allowing Revive Old Posts to share those posts as "Image Posts".



Revive Network comes complimentary with Revive Old Posts, upon purchase you’d be able to grab a copy of Revive Network straight from your purchase history


Add the RSS or Atom feeds you’d like Revive Network to fetch and import feed items from. Set how many it should import, and how often, configure your other desired settings, save and let Revive Old Posts do the rest. Note: Ensure that you have the “RSS Feed Item” post type selected in the Revive Old Posts general settings.


If you really want traffic to your blog, then this is a must have. I have the Pro version as well, and love it. There is no other social media plugin that comes close to its functionality and value. If you really want traffic to your blog, then this is a must have.
Derek Haines
Now I can post to Twitter primetime and get lots of favourites and retweets and a few extra followers by posting at key times like lunchtime and morning time when people are on their commute.
Brad McAllister
Fall in love with this plugin since it saves me so much time to post my posts or anything else on my website. A real time saver. The support goes more than fast. problems are solved faster than you can look from the right to the left.
Anette Mossbacher


Number Of RSS Feeds Allowed520100
Share To Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google My Business & Vkontakte

Revive Network is an Add-on to the Revive Old Posts plugin that makes the RSS sharing possible. Purchasing Revive Old Posts automatically grants you access to Revive Network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Revive Old Posts is a must-have WordPress plugin created to help website administrators boost their website traffic, grow their social media followers and keep their existing followers engaged by automatically sharing posts and content from their WordPress website to their social media networks.

Revive Network imports posts from RSS and Atom feeds from any website that provide those feeds into your WordPress website where Revive Old Posts will then share them to your connected accounts.

Yes, you can start with a lower plan  and upgrade anytime if you want more features or use it on more websites.


You will find personalized offers to upgrade to a greater plan when you visit Your Purchases after you’ve logged in to your account.

Yes, Revive Network works independent of themes. As long as your website is running on WordPress, it will work.

You will still be able to use the plugin but the features would be inactive you will not be able to change them until you have renewed your license.