20 Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips for 2019

The New Year is here and it’s time to finalize your social media plans for 2019. This guide will give you 20 social media marketing tips to help fill your social media calendar and five strategies you can use to improve engagement across your social media profiles.

Instagram Analytics: A Beginner’s Guide

Want to grow your Instagram account? The key is understanding your Instagram analytics—and knowing which metrics you need to understand and regularly track.

6 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Social media has become a firmly entrenched part of our lives. On a personal level, it affects how we connect with friends and family, find jobs, and share life events. However, the real value of this medium lies in the many benefits of social media marketing for businesses.

How to Share a Link on Facebook? #SocialMediaMyths

Few things in life are certain but the question of how to share a link on Facebook has only one answer. At least, that’s what I always thought. My view has become more nuanced over the past few months and I’m devoting this month’s article to the myth of the link-in-caption and its impact on reach.

5 Essential Social Media Metrics Every Business Owner Should Be Tracking

Social media marketing is both an art and a science. As you become a more proficient marketer, you’ll be able to rely on your intuition and expertise to some extent. However, if you really want to know how your campaigns are performing, it’s vital to keep a close eye on your social media metrics.

How to Build a Brand on Social Media as a Creative

The internet has created an endless number of opportunities for creative professionals. All you need to become your own boss is a creative skill and a domain name, or so the popular refrain goes. In the early days of the internet, it was even true. But today there’s an endless amount of competition on every website, and no amount of skill or talent will ensure the success of your career. You also need to understand how to build a brand.

When and How to Hire a Social Media Manager for Your Business

The realm of social media is complex and fast-paced. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the task of managing your business’s online presence. Whether you are trying to find a Meet Edgar alternative or develop a Twitter marketing strategy, keeping up with social media platforms and communities can time-consuming and confusing. Having a knowledgeable and dedicated expert to direct social media efforts can maximize your results and grow your business.

8 Foolproof Call-to-Action Examples (And Why They Work)

Call-to-action examples vary widely across the marketing verticals, but they’re always very deliberate, including on social media. That might run counter to your intuition: isn’t social media supposed to ephemeral, playful, and authentic?

14 Instagram Tips to Hack Your Way Into Instagram Stardom

Looking for Instagram tips to make your life easier? If you find yourself doing the same things over and over, it’s time to automate them! Whether you want to post Instagram stories faster, get more eyeballs on your branded hashtag, or simply respond to comments quicker, the tips below will help you get more out of your Instagram marketing.

How to Use a WordPress Facebook Plugin to Integrate Facebook With Your Website

Facebook has been a giant in the world of social media for some time now. It has yet to lose its influence and prominence, which means integrating it with your website is a must. Fortunately, doing so often comes down to installing a simple WordPress Facebook plugin (or two).

6 of the Best Instagram Planners for Automating Your Instagram Marketing

Instagram planners take the hassle out of managing and scheduling your Instagram feed. Unlike generic social media schedulers where Instagram feels like an afterthought, Instagram-specific planners offer easy-to-use interfaces and tools built specifically for the unique features and needs of Instagram.

How Many Hashtags Can Twitter Bear? (Social Media Myths)

If you’re wondering how many hashtags to use for Twitter, then there is the golden rule: keep ’em few and people stick with you. Take ’em high and wave bye-bye.

How to Build a Data-Driven Marketing Campaign on Social Media

Putting together an effective social media marketing campaign takes a lot of time and effort. Developing a solid plan and choosing the right platforms are key steps in the process. However, all this work will be for naught if you fail to use a data-driven marketing approach.

10 of the Best Social Media Monitoring Tools to Help You Understand Your Audience

Experimenting with different social media strategies based on what sounds exciting and interesting might result in a few successes, but if you want continuous growth for your social media presence, you need to base your strategies on data. That’s where social media monitoring tools come in.